New Visitors

We welcome you to Sunday Evenings meeting in our new venue THE VINEYARD - 153 Albert Road, Southsea, PO4 0JW

The meeting starts at 6pm. Come along a little early to say hello to folks and have coffee, tea and refreshments.

Meetings are informal, relaxed and contemporary.   There is no dress code, we are a church where we encourage people to come as they are.  At the moment we do not have a separate Kids' Church - much as we would like to.... soon we hope... when we have a more extensive venue with more facilities.

We begin the meeting with a time of worship (we usually sing a few easy-to-get-to-know songs at the start, but sometimes more) where we express our love and thanks to God.  Feel free to participate (the words are projected onto a screen) or simply listen to the music which has an up-to-date feel to it.  

After these songs we present a short talk based on the Bible, there can be some discussion and media too.  Our aim is to apply the Bible to everyday life in a way that is challenging and inspiring - as it was indeed written to for its readers!

Following the talk, there is another period of worship during which there is opportunity for people to give a donation towards the work we do as part of their worship. If you are visiting, you are our guest, so we seriously don't expect you to give - this is for our regulars - but whenever folks give to God's work we just know He will bless them.  

During this time some people might feel moved to share a verse from the Bible, a word or a picture from God for the whole church or some individuals. We might also pray for folks for healing of specific conditions. If you feel that God is speaking to you, please come and tell us.

Towards the end of the meeting several people enjoy receiving personal prayer.  If this is new to you, feel free to ask for a blessing from God. We really want to pray for people and see how God will make Himself real to you!

When we finish many people stay around afterwards for coffee/tea and to chat - we think you’ll find we are friendly, welcoming people.

We hope you will come and see us soon!