#PrayForJenny is the facebook group for prayer and support for Jenny as we discover more about her Brain Tumour and the current prognosis following neuro-surgery at Southampton.

The Background
Until recently, Jenny and Denham Howard were Pastors of Portsmouth Vineyard LifeChurch.

On Wednesday 13th April 2016, Jenny had a seizure during the night & an MRI scan the following day revealed a brain tumour.  She had surgery on 9th May in Southampton, where they removed a tumour roughly 5-6cm in diameter, a biopsy revealed that any remaining cancer should respond well to Chemotherapy and her prognosis is 10-15 years. We believe for God’s best plan for Jenny’s life!

Chemotherapy began on 13th June. Jenny is able to take this at home in tablet form for one week a month – over a 6 month period, so she hopes to complete the course before Christmas 2016.

Throughout this time Denham continued to lead Portsmouth Vineyard LifeChurch and it’s associated ministries: The LifeHouse – hot meal kitchen & homeless outreach centre; and The Acorn & the Vine – Christian bookshop, with various volunteers & members of the church leadership team however the impact of Jenny’s illness and the weight of this responsibility meant that he was under immense pressure.  In early July, he felt that God was releasing them from leading the church & this word was confirmed by other senior church leaders they were connected with.

On 17th July Denham & Jenny stepped down from leading the church, with a leaving service on 24th July which was attended by many members, old and new.

On 5th August Jenny was given the wonderful news that the remaining tumour has shrunk from 19mm to 10mm – God answers prayer!

On 21st September, there was a leaving party with many wonderful stories of all that God has done during their time in Portsmouth.

Jenny & Denham have now sold their house in Portsmouth and have moved back to Bournemouth to be closer to Jenny’s family. Her chemotherapy continues and your prayers, love and support are much valued.

Please pray:
1. For complete healing and restoration. We rebuke this tumour and associated cancer, and command it to shrivel and die – in Jesus’s mighty name!!!
2. For strength and endurance for the battle ahead.
3. For peace for Jenny and Denham as they face this difficult journey, and also for for their family.
4. For quality rest and sleep especially for Jenny.
5. For excellent medical care and direction.
6. That any side effects of the tumour, the surgery, and the chemotherapy would be relieved and healed in Jesus name.
7. That Jenny and Denham will feel ‘at home’ in Bournemouth and will know God’s peace in their move.

We BELIEVE in a God of miracles!
We believe He is a GOOD Father and wants the best for His children.
We believe that Christ died to give [Jenny] abundant LIFE…!

Please feel free to post Words, Scriptures, Music and Pictures on the above Facebook Group to encourage Jenny on her daily journey.  Our aim is to rally the troops in prayer; to lobby heaven on Jenny’s behalf.

“We really value the encouragement, practical support and prayer support from everybody which is making a real difference.”

Denham & Jenny