Sunday Services

You are really welcome to join us on a Sunday whether you are a church regular or have never been before.

JUST FIND US ON LINE at our Portsmouth Vineyard LifeChurch FaceBook Official Page - search for us or paste this link into your browser's address bar:

We also have a page here "Recent Talks and Worship Music" where a variety of videos will be uploaded. We can promise you that the quality will continue to improve and you can mix and match any components you like for a DIY service!

When the current health crisis is over please do come see us - we meet at "The Vineyard and LifeHouse", 153 Albert Road (corner of Harold Road, Southsea, PO4 0JW as our regular Sunday venue

We meet at 6pm - doors open for 5.30pm for teas, filter coffee and cakes. Our services last for an hour and a half and it is a relaxed and informal atmosphere and anyone is welcome to come along.

Usually a live band leads us for about 25 minutes of sung worship. The words are on the screen and you can join in or just sit back and listen.

We have a talk based on the Bible and our experience of Jesus. It's not just theory; the talks are relevant to our day to day lives and there are always things to put into practice.

At the end of the talk we reflect on what we have heard and respond. There is the opportunity to choose to follow Jesus or to receive prayer. There is no pressure to participate, but always the chance to respond if you wish.

If you like to visit us you can work out the best route with the Route Calculator below.

  • To:
  • 153 Albert Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, PO4 0JW
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  • Contact us

    Portsmouth Vineyard LifeChurch
    Registered charity number - 1144669
    Company number - 07826095

    Vineyard and LifeHouse
    153 Albert Road (corner of Harold Road
    PO4 0JW
    LifeHouse phone: 07800 933983
    Church phone: 07800 933983

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